Prescription Refills
Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills.

Missed Appointments
  • Office appointment cancellations require 24 hours notice: If proper notice is not given a $50 missed appointment fee will be charged
  • Allergy appointment cancellations require 48 hour notice: If proper notice is not given, a $100 missed appointment fee will be charged
Follow up Visits and Lab Results
Follow up visits are an important part of the interaction bewteen patient and physician. They facilitate communication, allow us to review labs and other diagnostic tests and give us the opportunity to make sure medications are being used properly. Regular follow-ups are the best way to insure good quality care.       Dr. Bernstein and his staff are committed to providing you the best quality care possible. 

After an annual exam, Dr. Bernstein generally recommends a follow-up visit to review lab results. This gives us an opportunity to explain the lab results to our patients and make recommendations that can have an impact on preventing disease down the road. After lab tests are performed, you may receive a call to schedule a follow-up visit. This is not a reason to panic, but usually means that there are some minor abnormalities in the lab results that Dr. Bernstein would like to discuss with you. If your lab results are completely normal, a letter of notification will be sent to you. Generally, all lab results are received within two weeks. X-ray results are usually available within 48 hours.
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